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Have you ever wondered what really lies in space and beyond?


What if there are external forces that elude our comprehension?


Is it possible that our own fate is being manipulated from afar?


If so… Who is pulling all the strings?


Prepare yourself for the unthinkable. Prepare for The Invisible Conflict Chronicles…

Eons ago the Aani, wise creators and visionaries of the universe, decided to establish a legacy before departing to their own dimension.


They left behind objects of immense power, hidden in worlds that were capable of harboring advanced life. They hoped that someday, their children would be able to harness that power and meet them among the stars.


They were wrong.


Despite their vast wisdom, they couldn’t foresee the terrible consequences of that apparent altruistic gesture.


Now in the time of humans, two powerful antagonistic civilizations have set their eyes, their weapons and their malice on our Earth.


For millennia, we’ve been ignorant of the struggle that has been carried out to obtain our greatest treasure.


By choice or by force, many have decided to take sides in this conflict. What’s at stake goes beyond mere materialistic ambitions and power. It’s to prevent evil, embodied by the reptilian figure, taking over the universe.


We’ve been manipulated by invisible hands like simple pieces on a chessboard. And now without realizing it, our King is in check.


A future of peace and freedom for the universe, will be decided in our home.

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